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Learning Technology Architect
Aplus Technology Inc.

Dr. Aries N. Cobb is a Learning Technology Architect at Aplus Technology Inc. Dr. Cobb graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a doctorate in Instructional Technology Distance Education. Dr. Aries Cobb was the first Black female to serve as an Assistant Professor of Educational Technology at Baldwin Wallace University. Dr. Aries Cobb is most known for her publications in Instructional Technology Distance Education:

  1. To differentiate or not to differentiate? Using internet-based technology in the classroom

  2. Cooperative learning with technology-based instruction

  3. Assistive technology: Enhancing the life skills of students with learning disabilities

  4. ePortfolio: Action research team professional development plan

  5. Technology-Based Cooperative Learning and African American Students

If you ask Dr. Cobb, her most cherished accomplishment is a cherished job as a mother of two, and she enjoys spending time with family and friends in her leisure time.

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