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I have been impressed with the Jarvis Gibson Foundation's willingness to mentor youth and young adults, the Ward 6 community and Greater Cleveland as well as all of the support you provide to the homeless population.

Blaine A. Griffin
Councilman Ward 6

This message is to a great educator:


I was going to e-mail you last night but I just wanted to do justice to what I observed over the past year plus.  You have moved a group of teenagers who "for years" were blanketed in an aura of confusion on what it means to be to be an emerging man and how to manage their presentation to their peers, their families, their school, and their community.  You have taken these young men "in a very short time" to the brink of some understanding about life, emotion, and the human spirit.

As you focused on the game, I was able to observe from the stands how "you" have rallied segments of our school and community, players and fans, white, black, rich, poor, academically successful, and those students that at this time struggle, all pulling for you because of your leadership and efforts.  Your players may not be able to always communicate this to you at this time, but they and all of us are richer and emotionally stronger for having you in all of our lives.

I am so excited to watch this season unfold that at times I am anxious to get to the next game.  As you see, we all ache somewhere deep inside for the short term outcome of last night, but I see the brightness in the days to come.  And with you inspiring these young men, we all should be grateful that you are there for them.

Remember, there is just "winning and learning" in life, and you are a great example of  a winner.

I thank you for everything,

Stuart Gilbert

Hello Coach Gibson,

I just wanted you to know that although the team's effort came up a little short.  Please know that I was proud to be a staff member on the sidelines watching you, your staff and of course the student-athletes (players) give an effort that has not been seen from an SHHS football team is a longggg time.

It is clear that you do not live off of moral victories.  However, I do hope that you and your staff are able to recognize the small victories and subtle gains made even in a defeat of that nature. 

SHHS football is on its way back and last night showed me that you are the man that can lead our Family back to high school football relevance.

Good luck, coach!  It's a longggg season, and I see some victories coming.

As you said to your players after the game...We are a Family!  Hang in there and take care.

Eric Hutchinson

Just a note to wish you and your Cleveland South team the best at their 1st football playoff game tonight. You are all Winners! More importantly, thank you for being a good role model to the young men whose lives you touch during the year. You really cannot change someone; however, you can inspire and influence someone to change by your example. Most people need a personal reason to change and it looks like you have provided the young men with the reasons they need to bring out the best of their god given talents. Players must have faith and trust in order to follow your leadership. You have not only helped them with being a successful football program, you have helped them with their lives. Thanks and good luck!

John C Hamski

Congratulations on a great article in the Plain dealer, and for all of the good work that you do. Keep up the good work with the guys, and here at AT&T!

Shirley Blackwell

Great article in the PD. Congrats on the record and the difference you have made in these kids lives. not many people can do what you have. You changed lives and in some cases maybe saved them.

Keith Meehan

What a fabulous article in todays paper!!

Ann Corrado

Thanks for highlighting the work of South High School Football team and its coach, Jarvis Gibson.

Mario Morino

Thank you for the article on South high school. it was a very special story that touched all who read it.

Susan Kruszka

Thank you for the terrific story about South football team in today's paper!

Rob Polinsky

Your article is a wonderfully positive story and does a great deal to help this struggling and most significant neighborhood. Most importantly, the lives of the coaches and players are so full of difficulties and yet they find strength to press on. Inspirational indeed. That team won before they even took the field this weekend.

Anne Unverzagt

What a great story!! I was so glad to read something positive about a Cleveland School and its students.

Donalene Poduska

I just read your article about the South High football team, it made me cry. What an inspirational team story.

Banchek Peggy

Thank you for the greatest article about South High School football team.

Frances H Blount

What a great story on Cleveland South! Coach's who are true role models and every day make a difference in the lives of these young men. That is a legacy to be proud of!

Maureen Mancuso

Thank you for making me care.

Kathy Lyle

I really enjoyed your article today about Cleveland South. Jarvis Gibson is a real sports hero, and so are the staff and players.

Jamie Wheeler

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